About the Wall

On June 19th, 2004 a Granite Memorial Wall was dedicated commemorating the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in worldwide conflicts since 1979. The project was conceived by Jerry Kuczera and Tony Cutrano and built with donated material and labor and is the first of its kind, in the History of the United States, to give honor to our fallen by name while a conflict is ongoing. It took 20 years to Honor our Vietnam Veterans. Almost 60 years to Honor our World War II Veterans. The names on the wall represent our fallen heroes from such diverse locations as Panama, Lebanon, the Balkans, Grenada, Somalia, Haiti, USS Cole, USS Stark, Terrorist attacks in Italy, Greece, Scotland, and the current conflicts in the Middle East.

The Wall is located at 200 Riverfront Drive in Marseilles, Illinois.

The Mission of the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run is to show Our Brave Servicemen and Women, and their Families, that we support them, and to Honor Fallen Heroes. The route is lined with Americans waving American Flags and paying tribute. In the past the run has had 10’s of thousands of participants. The money raised through your generous donations is used to update and maintain the Memorial, and to put this wonderful event together. The first Memorial we erected was in the small town of St Anne Illinois. the hometown of Capt. Ryan A. Beaupre, one of Illinois first casualties in the war against terror. We have donated Memorials to all of the Veteran Homes and Hospitals in The State of Illinois in Honor of all our Veterans , Past and Present. We have assisted many of our Fallen Heroes Children, with funds for their education, in hopes that through education, they will learn to diplomatically resolve their problems.

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  1. Jim says:

    This link does not seem to be working for me.
    Middle East Conflicts Casualty List

    I am wondering if there is listed a soldier by the last name of Combs. Can you tell me?


  2. Deborah Rachilla says:

    Would like to find out when the run is in June 2013. Thank you.

  3. Gary Randall says:

    Where is this wall? I can’t find anything on this site about the location.

  4. Brandy Massey says:

    Is the wall up all year around? Looking for my brother Sgt Roger L Adams Jr KIA 6/29/09. Thank you

  5. Debbie McKinney says:

    Is this a traveling wall, and if so how long will it be open.

  6. Edward Pruett says:


    I have a suggestion that I am sure most will agree with. I know some of the parents and loved ones would love to see this happen.


  7. Ira Hamburg says:

    The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial is a memorial to the Veterans, not the war. Thus it is named the Vietnam Veterans ‘Memorial.

    Ira Hamburg, founder and former executive director of the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial

  8. David Dubois says:

    Names not being listed on your website. Looking for listing:
    Gary Haisman, USMC

  9. Benjamin Nail says:

    I want to thank you for what you have done for me and my Brothers/ Sisters in arms. My found your web site just a few days ago and I have be sharing it with my fellow ODS Vets. We (my wife and in-laws) are going to try to visit it you (the MEC Wall) some day.
    I want to say again THNAK YOU.
    SPC Nail B Co 26 Sig Bat. Germany

  10. Jim H says:

    Can you tell me if you have a soldier by the name of Nathan Cox on the wall?

  11. Bobby Cammer says:

    It’s beautiful! Why did you skip the Korean war in your reference? Do you not know that nearly 35,000 of my fellow service members died during that “War”? Korea came on the heels of WWII and the death total was nowhere near what we had learned to endure so it was forgotten like just another major battle of WWII. In Korea it took only 3 years to lose the 35,000 armed forces members. That rate is twice the rate as the Vietnam War! Those who served no matter what the cause deserve better!

    • The National Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. is not good enough? Also, check the Museum in Branson it is a very large memorial to all by era. By being for service deaths in a certain part of our world covering many years sets this apart , I believe. I served in Korea and Vietnam, my son was killed serving in Afghanistan.

  12. JCG says:

    Just a quick “thank you” to IV Cellular for all they have done to recognize the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who serve in the Middle East.

    I’m just an average guy who served in another time and another place who now spends some of my retirement time training service dogs for combat wounded vets.

    You all are doing a great thing; something to be very proud of. Thank you again; God bless………………….

  13. Bill says:

    Our American Legion Post #911 in Wauconda, IL just received a letter from “The Gulf War Memorial Inc.” in Cumberland, MD. They are requesting donations for their memorial and claim they have 8000 names and it is the first of this magnitude. I looked at the pictures of yours and the pictures of theirs and it looks like yours is of greater magnitude. Of course it is great that they have a fine memorial and so does Illinois. I was looking for some memtion of how many names are on the Marsailles Memorial. Is it more than 8000?

  14. Hank Wheat says:

    I am on the Association of 3d Armored Division Veterans Board of Directors and editor of the Association’s Newsletter. Although the Division was deactivated in 1992, we have an active group that holds a reunion yearly. We have members who fought in WWII, the Cold War and Desert Storm.

    With your permission, I would like to use the information on your web site for an article in our Newsletter. Could you tell me if any of the sixteen 3AD casualties during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm are on the wall? Thanks for the work that you do for the veterans of our country.

  15. Kim Dary says:

    We are planning a visit to the wall on October 18th. Are you being effected by the government slowdown?

  16. SSG Raymond Knox says:

    Can SGT Arthur Jackson info be updated on the casualty list?

    He worked in the class 9 air warehouse and was a great soldier. He was 36 years old and from Brent AL. If you did not know, you would mistake him for a drill instructor.
    Below is a SITREP excerpt for that day.

    SITREP 101 (17 Nov 90)]
    1950Z SGT Arthur Jackson of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 8th Battalion, 101st Aviation (101st Airborne Division) suffers fatal head injury at King Fahd International Airport when he jumps from M-918 tractor/M-871 trailer combination when he feared it would fall into a ravine; taken to 86th Evacuation Hospital; declared dead at 2006Z. [Also see 18th Personnel Group SITREP 49 (19 Nov 90)]

    • SSG Raymond Knox says:

      JACKSON, ARTHUR 17-Nov-90 4 32 Operation Desert Shield Army
      Should read
      JACKSON, ARTHUR 36 17-Nov-90 4 32 Operation Desert Shield Army SGT Headquarters and Headquarters Company 8-101st Aviation Battalion101st Airborne Division Air Assult

  17. Mrs. Martin Bailey says:

    Where do we go to add a soldiers name to your wall. A young soldier Named Jonathon Michael Dean Hostetter was killed
    August 23, 2013 in Afghanistan and I would like to see
    his name added to the memorial.

  18. Barry Atkinson says:

    I can only guess that our exalted Fourth Estate has ignored this memorial because it was privately conceived and funded, sans federal ‘goobermint’ intervention.

    Kudos to all who made it possible.

    3/21 Inf
    196 Light Infantry Brigade

  19. John Peter (JP) Feldmann CTIC USNR-R says:

    I was a crewmember of the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) in 1966 just before she was attacked by the IDF killing 34 and wounding 171 out of a crew of 293. This event occurred on June 8, 1967, I realize that this date puts it before your start date of 1979. However, the attack on the USS Liberty is one of the “early, early” events in the beginning of a series of conflicts in which the USA has been involved in the Middle East in he last half century.

    I sincerely request that you open up your time frame to include all of the events that occurred in that region that has lead up to our current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please honor all of our fallen service men and women who have paid the ultimate price to preserve peace and freedom in the region.


  20. DOYLE LAVENDER says:

    I am a 100 percent disabled veteran and I had never heard of this memorial. America is blessed with citizens so wonderful I never regret my service to you. GOD bless America

  21. Dan Watson says:

    Wonderful commitment by Illinois Valley Central and many involved Americans. How can I contribute to assist in some of the expenses of managing the memorial.
    God Bless You All



  22. Sue LTC, USAR, ANC ,RET says:

    Needed tissue. Had no idea this existed & will be forwarding the info to my USAR Family

  23. Anthony Lorenz says:

    I found the list, but could not count the total.
    How many are presently listed on the wall?

  24. steve seitz says:

    Awesome-just shows what folks can do-my thanks to all involved

  25. Lis says:

    I read that the workers in the cellular bldg take care of the items people leave outside by their loved ones names by placing them in the bldg. Are visitors allowed in that bldg to look at the items? If so, is it open to the public on Saturdays?

    • admin says:

      Lis, thanks for your comments. At this time, the museum is open during IV Cellular business hours which are Monday through Friday 9a to 5pm.

  26. Julie Schrock says:

    My son was Marine Corporal Max Donahue KIA Afghanistan and I would like to send something for the museum. Can you please tell me how to do this and who/where to send it to?

    Thank you for honoring our loved ones.

    Julie Schrock

  27. Jack says:

    Many thanks to Illinois Valley Cellular for its dedication to preserving the legacy of our unselfish servicemen. This service makes me believe that there is hope for us, yet. I hope to be able to visit the memorial someday soon. God bless all of you for your efforts.

  28. Rhonda says:

    How do you add someone’s name to the wall…I would like to add my brother’s name Sgt. Stephen B. Eckert

  29. Jack Mullen says:

    I just saw the video about “the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial”. This is an awesome tribute but I did not about until now. I wanted to contact Illinois Valley Cellular by email to share a website http://markinc.org/ministries/coming-home-from-war/. MARKINC has audio resources which are interviews with veterans, their families about their struggles with PTSD. Check out the website. The resources can be downloaded or you can contact MARKINC for cd’s. THEY ARE FREE!!!! We handed out 1000’s to Rolling Thunder and at “THE WALL” in DC last year and this year.

  30. Sandy Deraps says:

    our neighbor stopped by the memorial & saw my Son LCPL Leon Deraps, KIA al Anbar province Iraq 5-6-6 name & took pictures of It. Thank you It is a beautiful place. God bless you…. Proud Gold star Mom in MO

  31. David Lindeman says:

    I visited the memorial on Sunday 31 Aug 14. I was with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 18-2 out of Clarksville, TN. Emotional and healing. If you have ever served in uniform, but especially since 1979, go see it.