CCA Gives Back “Freedom isn’t Free”

In the rural Illinois town of Marseilles, home to Illinois Valley Cellular, there is a memorial to those who have sacrificed all for freedom.

“Freedom isn’t free.” – photo of a grieving mother and children holding sign at Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

IV Cellular is proud to have a role in the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. A testament to private citizens and small business working together to do what is right… Honor those who have given all for freedom.

The Competive Carriers Association members give back to their communities – supporting local charities, volunteering time, helping schools, working with kids – and we want to share the good work our members are doing. Much of your philanthropic work may be unknown outside your local communities, and CCA wants to share your community outreach projects not only with others in the industry but with policymakers in Washington, DC. Competitive carriers across the country are making a difference in their communities, and CCA wants to recognize your good deeds.

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Bagpipe “Amazing Grace” – performed by the US Air Force Band