Record Flooding Impacts the Wall


Today Members of the Board met w/the Tribute Committee, City Engineer & rep’s of FEMA at the Wall. All volunteering will be coordinated through the City Engineer & FEMA due to tracking of man hours, disposals & all that goes w/this disaster.
As we coordinate further we will let everyone know days & times…so poise your garden tools, shovels, pitch forks, wheelbarrells & get ready. Soon as we can, we will call on all our Great members, supporter’s & volunteers and put you to work!!
Today, Members of the Board ( Ed Deloria, Donna Gramont Jessie, Greg Hoffman, Linda Sue Rose, Gary Lewey (from the Tribute committee) along w/myself took down, packed up & loaded into a trailer (Thanks to Jack Leininger, Tribute Committee) the whole Museum, pictues, mometos, papers & all and it is to be stored until after the clean up of the Illinois Valley Cellular bldg.
Send out a special Thanks to those people at the Cell…with water coming into the building…they protected ALL the memories in our museum!! HOORRAHH!!
Yes, there is extensive damage to the west area around the Wall….But, as Linda has said We had 7,444 Warrior Spirits that held it up and the Wall is secure & standing solid & atrong!!
So, When we get the ok….We will put out the call!!
God Bless America & the city of Marseilles!!
– Denise E. Carson, Marseilles Coordinator


(photos courtesy of John Bartosiewicz РILMFR)


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  1. John Cashmer says:

    Please notify us when you need help putting all back together! Would be glad to volunteer!

  2. Karl Jurries says:

    I’m planning to attend the Freedom Run and activities this year, riding in from Northern Michigan. If you will be putting out informative information by e-mail please include me in updates. I wish I was closer than 600 + miles to assist in the restoration.


  3. Barbie Scott says:

    Where exactly is this? I would like to help if i can.

  4. Tom Artman says:

    I’m an old Vietnam era vet. To those who are responsible for the Mid East Wall, thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for remembering. May God bless you and reward your efforts.

  5. This small town is my birth place some 85 years ago.
    Wished I lived closer so I could see this beautiful wall and how the small towns seem to take on this kind of remembance for our troops who have servered our country. LOVE MARSEILLES, ILL.

  6. Barney J. Mitchell says:

    God Bless Illinois Valley Cellular for this monument. Wished I lived closer where I could help with the repairs.

  7. Ron Gallerani says:

    I just learned of this Memorial tribute and the patriotic efforts of Illinois Valley Cellular and your group this morning. What can I do to support all of you and our fallen brothers and sisters?

  8. sheyll Pearson says:

    You guys suck, because there are 9 or so people the board who say that My son, PFC Michael Pearson, does not meet the standards for his name to be on the wall, I am ashamed that I live in the state of Illinois, and my son died before his first deployment because of a person who admitted he was a terrorist, my son lived up to the oath that he took, to protect this country, until the day that he died, November 5,2009,Oh, so sorry, He was only protecting the nurses, and this is testified to, no gun,to protect himself

  9. God Bless!

    Jane and I look forward to visiting you memorial in 2014.

  10. CWO-2 Donald Woodworth USMC ret. says:

    We are Gold Star family of Marine Capt. Justin Peterson killed in Iraq,2006. We are planning to attend the Run this June. please keep us informed about the event. Thank you.