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Team Rubicon, a volunteer group of veterans who use skills obtained in the military to assist in natural disasters, helped with the cleanup effort at the wall following the April flood.

Pam and Matt reflected on their day at the Wall in this Memorial Day post on the Team Rubicon website:

Matt: I was really excited for the opportunity to do this. We loaded up and headed to the wall. I arrived at the wall and was instantly humbled. In front of me was ten huge stone tablets completely filled with names. It was the first war memorial like it I have ever visited. I knew my buddies were up there somewhere and I set out trying to find them.

Pam: As the team leaders formulated a plan for the day we had some down time, I turned to the wall. Ten panels of names, hundreds of names per panel, thousands of brothers and sisters who never made it home.

Matt: There is a computer system that usually allows you to locate a name quickly. Due to flood damage the computer was down. So I started my search: name by name, row by row, tablet by tablet. I was lost in a sea of names and was overcome by emotions. I couldn’t find my friends. There were just too many names to go through.

Matt: I had never truly thought about the number of people we have lost in the Middle East until it was in front of me. The names were staring me in the face. It was a sobering moment. I had a strange feeling like I needed to find my friends now. I needed them to be remembered. I continued to search knowing they were there.

Pam: Soon we were hard at work cleaning up the mess that the flood had made here in Marseilles but I was suddenly working with a different sense of purpose, I wasn’t just working for Team Rubicon or the people of the town I was working for every name on that wall who couldn’t be here with us, I wasn’t doing a job to that had to be done. My purpose was to restore that memorial to it’s former glory to honor each and every name on the wall.

Thank you Team Rubicon… and thank you to the many volunteers who helped clean up and repair the wall following the flood!

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  1. Harold Stewart says:

    I have been to Washington D.C. to see the Memorials of Korea, Vietnam, W.W.II, but I had never heard about the Wall honoring our lost heroes fallen the Middle East. This Memorial will be added to our list to visit and honor our young men and women have fought not only for our own freedom, but the freedom of others all over the globe.

  2. William C. Bradshaw says:

    In speaking of heroes, the late President John F. Kennedy remarked, “A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”

    I salute them — and my thanks to those who remember and honor them.

  3. Marilyn Trent says:

    So thankful for this. What a Blessing!
    A friend just sent. My son-in-law is in the Army,and my daughter works with a lot of the Army wives.
    Have a granddaughter who is so proud of them being in the Army

    When will the next ride be, how to find out more details.
    We ride bikes, and this would be a honor to get to see this.

    Marilyn and Lorton Trent
    McKinney, TX
    214-914-5097 (mobile)
    214-768-3886 (office)

  4. Eby, zenda says:

    My nephew, Lt- T.S Childers was part of Operation Freedom, I was unaware of this memorial. Thank you for all you have done. Zenda

  5. NANCY FRANCIS says:

    My wonderful 23 year old Marine grandson, CPL. David Michael Sonka, was killed by insider attack on May 4, 2013 in Farah, Afghanistan. I was not aware of this Memorial Wall until I received an email video of the Wall. I was able to find my grandson’s name on the casualty list and where his name is listed on the wall. If at all possible, I plan to be at the June 21, 2014 memorial ceremony.
    I thank everyone who made it possible to memorialize our American heroes on this Wall who lost their lives in the Middle East conflicts.

  6. Winona Chambers says:

    Please send me information on how I can help. God Bless!!!!

  7. we havenot been there yet but plan non a visit soon.